Emerald City Roller Derby is proud of our skaters, refs, coaches, officials, and volunteers. Our community has the chance to nominate an outstanding derby person. The Featured Emeralds are members of our derby community who represent the spirit of roller derby: dedication and determination to growing their own skill set, supporting their teammates, good sportsmanship, hard work on and off the track, and the desire to grow this sport we all love so much.

The 2017 Spring Featured Emeralds were selected for their passion, dedication, and leadership. They have been role models within our league of what it means to be a member of Emerald City Roller Derby. Congratulations Stumble, Land Tuna, and Rex Havoc! Thank you for being you and for growing ECRD!

Stumble joined the ECRD Rec Program a little less than a year ago, but she had some experience playing modified contact derby with our juniors league a number of years ago. She came to rec during a quieter time of year last summer, when there weren’t a lot of other new skaters, but she stuck it out through that 6 month transition period. Now she’s finishing up her minimum skills requirements, is preparing for her first official bout, and is planning to eventually join the league. Meanwhile, she’s been a great supporter of our newest skaters. One example is during a recent set of suicides, she went out and did an extra set with a new skater so that she wouldn’t have to finish all alone.

Our other Featured Emerald is Land Tuna, one of our All Stars skaters. The overwhelming consensus within the league is that she brings a great attitude to practices and games, and it’s infectious. She knows how to work hard AND have fun, and she’s able to find the positive even in difficult situations. She has stepped up to support the rec program experience through mentoring, she models great sportsmanship, and, as one nominator put it, she is “the definition of welcoming to all: adults, juniors, and officials.”

Our third Featured Emerald this spring was a las minute addition in honor of the Big O, to recognize the enormity of the work that goes into pulling off this event. Rex Havoc is the Director of the Big O, and we couldn’t do it without her. But even as she oversaw the largest international roller derby tournament in the world, she also led the league in restructuring its training structure as our Head of Training, served as an interim coach for the Wizards of Quad, and returned to competitive skating as an All Star. We don’t know how she does it!