About the Game

Imagine a hockey game, but replace the ice with a roller rink. Swap out the baggy jerseys for flashy uniforms often designed by skaters themselves. Abandon ordinary names in favor of pseudonyms like Stinging Nettle and Valentina Slaughter. But what’s the objective? Hint: there is no ball or puck! The scoring is completely different than hockey, but both sports are highly physical and require speed, skill and complex strategy.

Unlike professional hockey players, the vast majority of roller derby participants are unpaid. Most actually spend money on the sport — they purchase their own equipment and pay monthly dues to support their leagues. Teams usually practice several times a week, and injuries are common. ECRG is lucky to have a crew of strong and dedicated skaters who have overcome these obstacles to make us one of the fastest growing leagues in the country!

How to Get Started!

  • Beg, buy, borrow, or rent some skates and hone your skating skills
  • Track down a local skater and pump them for information, tips, and suggestions. (Try Skate World on Sunday nights from 7-9pm. You’ll be able to identify derby skaters by their kneepads and helmets)


  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must be female
  • You must skate in quad roller skates
  • You must be able to attend 50% of practices. (That is at least 2 a week)
  • You are responsible for your own helmet, mouthguard, kneepads, elbowpads, and wristguards
  • You must be prepared to fall a lot and take hard hits without getting discouraged or taking it personally
  • You must be know and live the ECRD Mission Statement