Photographers and videographers who wish to shoot at the Big O Tournament must be approved and credentialed by the Big O’s Head of Photography. Due to high demand and to best allocate shooting space, we have different tiers of credentials outlined below. To apply for credentials, please fill out the Big O Photo and Video Application. For more information, contact [email protected].

Big O Photo and Video Application Form
Big O Photo and Video Agreement


Big O Team Photographers

To insure all bouts have coverage, the Big O is going to staff (12) shooters who will be assigned bouts to cover. In return for access and additional resources, these shooters will deliver their best work to BigO for use in near real time for social media and in subsequent marketing/editorial use. To do so they will be given priority access to tracks and resources to deliver images immediately after the bouts they cover. They will cover approximately 1:3 bouts on a selected track for a given day (so they do not need to move their equipment). They may trade assignments with other members of the team to accommodate other social commitments. They may also provide images to other outlets as they see fit. The 12 will be selected from among those that apply and will be based upon quality of work and ability to work well as a team and with others. Applications to shoot for the Big O will be accepted until such time as we fill our allocated slots.

Team Photographers

Every team is allowed (1) team photographer or videographer; these credentials may not be shared or transferred. Team photographers gain priority access to photographer boxes (center track and trackside) during bouts where their team is participating. Access to the photographer resources such as the backroom is TBD based upon space. The team may decide if they wish to use one of their allocated passes to provide this photographer a ticket; otherwise they will be expected to purchase a ticket.


The Big O will issue media credentials at its sole discretion, with a preference toward staff reporters/photographers and/or freelance journalists/photographers on assignment to cover the Event(s) for an established print or broadcast media outlet. If you are a staff reporter or a freelance journalist on assignment, you must provide us with written verification (from the media outlet) of the assignment to cover the Event(s). Website-only journalists may be granted media credentials provided that: 1) the website has a demonstrated record of original roller derby news content; 2) the website’s staff writes an overwhelming percentage of that website’s material; and/or 3) the website can provide certifiable visitor traffic statistics on the credential request form for review. A media credentials badge does not guarantee you unrestricted access to all areas. Approval of credentials does not provide you access; you are not guaranteed “comped” admission to the Event. “Comped” admission is at the discretion of the Big O tournament staff.

Audience access

We are relaxing the restrictions this year and allowing members of the audience to use cameras once they have signed the necessary forms. Access is strictly restricted to audience seating area – you may not use the photographer designated areas, back stage, or center track. You may not bring light stands or use power from the facility to power lights. You will not have access to the photographer’s room. We provide credentials, not access – tickets still must be purchased.