Become an Official

IMG_3540ECRGO wants YOU!!!

Emerald City Roller Girls Officials (ECRGO) is looking to fill their ranks and so has opened up its membership to anyone interested in learning more about the sport of roller derby. We have positions available for skaters, potential skaters, and non-skaters!

Non-skaters:  If you want to get involved but have no desire to be on skates, join our fabulous NSO crew! NSOs (non-skating officials) are the backbone of the officials crew! They are the ones that get things done! If you have been to at bout, you have seen them looking very officious – often carrying a stopwatch or clipboard. They track penalties, keep score, run the scoreboard, and much more. Without our awesome NSOs – all would be chaos!

Skaters: Want to be in the thick of it?  Do you have basic skating skills? Come join the Zebras! They’re the ones in the black and white stripes and the whistles keeping the game going. Skating officials hold positions like: Jam Ref, where you are the one tracking the score! Outside Pack Refs watch for action on the outside! Inside Pack Refs are defining the pack and looking for the inside action, and the Head Ref is watching over it all.

The best thing about being an official…EVERYTHING! Non-skating officials can decide to become skating officials and vice versa. You can do different jobs in same day. ECRGO often has the option to travel with our teams too! See new places, meet new people, watch awesome derby!


If any of these amazing positions sound interesting to you, come join us!  Contact us at [email protected] and start your derby career today!