Junior Gems

Emerald City Junior Gems (ECJG), the “Gems”, is a league for youth of all genders, ages 10-17, their parents, and the adult roller derby players who coach them.

The Emerald City Junior Gems play both a modified version of the adult game that uses positional blocking, rather than full hitting and full contact that plays by the exact same rules as the adults.

The “home” season for both modified and full contact teams runs from mid-September until April. The full-contact travel team season runs from January through June.

As part of ECRG, the Gems is an organization where skaters and their parents are involved in all aspects from playing to event production. We are grateful to be staffed by volunteer ECRG skaters, refs, and junior derby parents; many of whom work professionally with youth as teachers, counselors, and outreach workers.

The fee to register is $50.  If you cannot make registration, please contact the Gems Director at [email protected].

For the Orientation Letter and Registration Form, please visit: goo.gl/YzUMcl