Coach Alluya R. Doomed

Boom Harangue #615

Harmonic Dropher #612

Kluge #44

Minndestructable #00

Rex Havoc #83

Slapcat #8

Tankerbelle #11

Bath AsSalts #16

Disarrae #63

Juice Box #23

Land Tuna #02

Mrs. Sproutfire #3

Risky Reignbow #88

Slaystation #4

Thrash Bandiscoot #101

Betty Aim Fire #30

Dropkick Daisy #76

Just Jess #954

Luna Tixs #247

Peaches #314

Ruby Slapher #516

Spunkee Bruizer #22

Zoom & Gloom #26

Billy Goat Snuff #55

Goldie Knoxious #607

Kaytastrophe #103

Luseal Clubbin' #6

Ratrod #442

Skinner #33

Stumble #64

Founded in August of 2016, the Wizards of Quad is ECRD’s newest home team. With a mix of experienced and newly-minted skaters, the Wizards practice with both the Emerald City All Stars and the Emerald City Rec Program, and compete against other area teams throughout the year.

New skaters are drafted to the Wizards every few months, either from ECRD’s rec program, or from other leagues. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact [email protected] (Rex Havoc) for more information. .

Everyone else, come witness the power of the wizards behind the curtain at one of our bouts this year!

The Wizards of Quad invite you to come cheer them on during their upcoming 2017 season, beginning on March 19. We look forward to welcoming you to our new and growing group of fans…we will soon have some sweet swag to show off your support, so come check it out!

All home bouts are held at the Bob Keefer (formerly Willamalane) Center for Sports & Recreation in Springfield.

  • March 19at HOME vs Rainy City Roller Girls (doubleheader with Lane County Concussion)
  • April [email protected] Klamath Basin Bombers
  • May [email protected] Aftershocks Roller Rebels
  • June 3at HOME vs. Mt. Shasta (doubleheader with Emerald City Junior Gems)
  • September [email protected] Storm City Roller Girls
  • September 16at HOME vs. Willamette Kidney Thieves (doubleheader with Lane County Concussion)
  • October 21at HOME vs. Jefferson State (doubleheader with Andromedolls/Chruch of Sk8in Legacy Bout)