What is the ECRG Rec League?

The ECRG Rec League is a hybrid fresh meat and legacy skater program focused on derby fun, community and learning.  It offers a space for new skaters to learn the derby basics at their own pace and experienced skaters to have fun and play derby without the commitments of a competitive team. Practices are lead by Emerald City All-Star skaters with a focus on learning through scrimmage-based drills with contact and non-contact options.

 When do you practice?

Mondays and Thursdays Check Schedule on Website for specific times and scrimmage dates!

Where do you practice?

Bob Keefer Center for Sports and Recreation

250 S 32nd St, Springfield, OR 97478

How do I register?

Email [email protected] for a link to the registration form

How much does it cost?

$99 for a 12-week session.

 What is the attendance requirement?

There is no minimum attendance requirement for Rec League!  Come to a many or as few practices as you would like.

 What sort of gear do I need?

Quad roller skates.  Derby style knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, a mouth guard and a helmet.  Roller skates are available for rental at the Willamalane Center.  ECRG has some safety gear that can be loaned out on a temporary basis.   Some basic safety gear can be purchased at local skateboard/ ski shops.  The closest derby skate shops are located in Salem, Portland and Bend.  Gear is also available online through derby retailers like Wicked Skatewear, Fast Girl Skates and Sin City Skates.

 What level of skating skill do you require?

Any!  There is no minimum or maximum skill level required for the ECRG Rec League.  Whether you’ve never skated or if you’re a seasoned derby veteran, you’re welcome to join the Rec League.

 Do I have to try out?

Nope.  Just sign up and show up!

I’d like to skate competitively.  How do I join an ECRG team?

If you wish to skate competitively with ECRG, you will have the opportunity to take a series of skills assessments to become eligible to scrimmage with the league, enter the draft pool or tryout for an A/B/C team.  The time it takes to become draft eligible varies from skater to skater.  Drafts and tryouts are held periodically throughout the season.

I’ll like to learn to be a skating official/ referee.  Where do I start?

The rec league is the place for you!  Skating officials, just like derby players, are required to pass a series of skills assessments before they can begin refereeing.  At Rec League practices, you’ll learn the skating basics you need to start your career as a zebra.  ECRG welcomes referee hopefuls of all genders.

Is the Rec League co-ed or just for women?

The ECRG Rec League welcomes self-identified women of all types.  Referee hopefuls of all genders are welcome as well.  Men who wish to play derby can contact our brother league, Lane County Concussion for more information.

 I currently skate on another derby league and would like to transfer to ECRG.  Do I need to join the Rec League?

The transfer procedures vary depending on your skill and experience level. Contact us for more information about transferring to ECRG.

 More questions?  Contact [email protected] for answers!